First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. has created a program that will allow you to compare your laboratory analytical results with the clean-up objectives found in the Illinois TACO programs. The program builds a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet comparing your analytical data against the selected clean-up objectives. The Excel spreadsheet can be customized with several options and then saved or printed.


First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. will send results via e-mail as an encrypted text files that contains the appropriate analytical data needed to create the spreadsheet.


The process is simply opening the program named "1stTACO.exe", importing the results from the lab, applying your filter selections and finally saving the output to an Excel file. The default settings allow the creation of a standard report including sample results and all objectives using a few keystrokes. You may choose which objectives, analytes and samples will be included in your final worksheet.


The saved Excel file can be used to include in your report to your client or for your internal purposes. Additional changes to data worksheets using any Excel function can be made to this saved file.


Your results can be compared to the 2007 Illinois TACO objectives.

To download the current version of 1st TACO:

To download the Quick Start Guide (PDF):

First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. has developed this program to assist you in creating Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of the analytical data and/or comparing analytical data to Illinois TACO objectives. Although we have made every effort to ensure that the information is correct, the final responsibility for the interpretation and use of the analytical data rests with the data user.


If you have any feedback concerning this program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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