First Environmental Laboratories is accredited to perform lead analysis in drinking water in compliance with Public Act 099-0922 (IL), which requires all schools (pre-K through 5th grade) to test for lead in any water source used for drinking and/or cooking. This requirement applies to schools built before January, 1st 2000.


Cost:  $36 per sample

Method of Analysis:  EPA Method 200.8R5.4 (ICP-MS)

Reporting Limit:  2.00 ppb

Accreditation Status:   Accredited - Our Illinois NELAC Accreditation Number is 100292.


A copy of our NELAC Accreditation Certificate is available for download.


Using these First Environmental Lead Sample Collection Instructions will help guide you through the sample collection process from start to finish.


Our easy to use Electronic Chain of Custody Record for Lead Analysis is designed to meet the IDPH format required for submitting your final report.  Results will be transmitted to you as a .pdf and as an Excel spreadsheet.  The Excel spreadsheet will be in the format specified by the IDPH.


Discounts are available and are based on the volume of samples being submitted.  Additional discounts are available if the Chain of Custody is submitted electronically. For project specific pricing and to request sample containers, please call one of our project managers at (630) 778-1200 or email us at


Additional information on testing for lead in schools and day care facilities:


American Water Works Association Fact Sheet

American Water Works Association Sampling Protocol for Drinking Water in Schools

IDPH Mitigation Strategies for Lead Found in School Drinking Water






Lead in drinking water

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