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Normal laboratory hours are 8A.M. - 5P.M., Monday though Friday.  Arrangements can be made for after hours pick-up or drop off of samples.





Clients may order a set of properly prepared sample bottles with preservatives, sample bottle labels, sampling instructions, and chain-of-custody forms at no extra charge. First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. provides a courier service to deliver and pick-up samples.





First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. prices are based on a 5-7 working day turnaround time. Results are reported via e-mail (or FAX) by the Project Manager as soon as they are available. Expedited turnaround times are available, usually with an additional surcharge. Rush analyses should be coordinated in advance to ensure capacity.





To expedite both analysis and reporting, First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. provides Chain-of-Custody forms. Clients submitting their own documentation must include at least the following information

  • Complete client identification
  • Sample description (Including date/time of collection)
  • Analysis requested
  • Expected turnaround time (Expedited services require lab approval)
  • Billing information (P.O. number of other authorization)





Samples will be held for thirty days from the date of the report. Exceptions can be requested in writing prior to sample submission. All hazardous samples will be returned. Samples submitted and placed on "hold" will be held for 90 days unless other arrangements are made.





Confidentiality of all customer information and data is strictly maintained by First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. Confidentiality agreements are accepted and signed routinely. In the event of a subpoena, or an audit by the appropriate regulatory agency, the customer will be notified when data must be released. Requests for data or additional lab deliverables after a project is complete must be made in writing by the client.

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