Incorporated in 1993, and located in Naperville, Illinois, First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. was formed with a simple, yet extremely important objective:  To not only meet, but exceed the needs and expectations of both our customers and our employees. As such, the company’s management, organization, and recruitment policies all reflect this single operating philosophy.


The core management of the company consists of a team of carefully selected environmental professionals with extensive experience in the environmental laboratory field. Each member of the management team brings with them a unique blend of working knowledge and experience covering all areas of the business.


We at First Environmental Laboratories, Inc. firmly believe that our focus on exceeding our customer’s expectations, whether it is in the area of data quality, technical assistance, or meeting commitments, separates us from our competition, and will allow us to set the standard against which all environmental laboratories will be measured.





First Environmental’s Quality Assurance Plan is designed to ensure that we maintain our position as the quality provider of analytical services in the environmental lab industry. First Environmental’s commitment to providing our customers with consistently high quality data is evidenced in the resources we have established to support our QA program.


First Environmental Labs has accreditation from the State of Illinois and the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) that includes:


Solid and Chemical Materials

Non Potable Water

Potable Water


Our accreditation requires an extensive audit by the IEPA.  Our Quality Assurance Manual, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Method Detection Limit Studies (MDLs) and Initial Demonstration of Capability Reports (IDC) are audited on an on-going basis.  An on-site audit consists of an audit team reviewing our quality systems and procedures over a 3-day period.


The IEPA program is compliant with the current rules and regulations established by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC).  NELAC is an association of state and federal agencies whose purpose is to establish and promote nationally accepted performance standards for laboratories.  Specific standards exist for the program policy and structure, the accreditation process, on-site assessment, proficiency testing, the quality systems and the accrediting authorities.


The IEPA, acting as the accrediting authority, will continue to conduct on-site audits, reviews of on-going proficiency testing, and other quality systems monitoring as required by NELAP.  This NELAP accreditation will permit our laboratory to obtain reciprocal accreditation in other states that accept and adhere to the rules and regulations established by NELAC.


Our Accreditation number is 100292.  Copies of our current accreditation certificate along with the detail of accredited parameters can be obtained here, or by calling us at 630-778-1200.

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